Lubo Vladikov - Bulgaria

The photos really speak for themselves and are an excellent showcase of Tanya’s extraordinarily high photographic skills appreciated globally.  Nevertheless I’d like to express my deep respect for Tanya’s epic photography and she is also an amazing person and human being!

22.08.2022, 18:37

amazing very nice

26.04.2019, 23:00
Даниела Динева

Обожавам всичко, което създавате! Многократно съм се прокрадвала в профила Ви и съм се потапяла в света, който пресъздавате! Винаги, всеки Ваш кадър излъчва от всичко по много-нежност, тайнственост, любов, загадъчност... За мен сте един от най-добрите портретисти, от които много можем да научим!Навсякъде излъчва  изящност, класа и стил! Убедена съм, че повечето от нас са си пожелавали поне веднъж да се погледнат през Вашите очи! 

19.11.2017, 15:04

wonderful colours and angles!

03.08.2017, 07:07

Hi, Tanya! your pictures are  awesome and simple at the same time. Just natural light and you made magic. Chrissye is really beautiful!

02.04.2017, 19:00

Beautiful website. Congratulations.

30.01.2017, 09:21


and wow, I saw something you posted in facebook, photography group. That inspired me to go look at your profile, which in turn lead me to look at your website, at which point all I got to say is wow, I love what you do. I am a new fan.



01.01.2017, 22:18
Marcin Karchut

Hi Tanya,

I love Your picturess. Especially Chrissy she's a georgeus woman and You are know how to show her beauty. 

Best regards from Poland

15.12.2016, 23:26
Michael Toler

Tanya, I discovered your photos posted to the BG Photography website. I loved all of your portraits - such intensity and nice settings, color and light contrasts.  The redheaded model you have - Chrissy is an extraordinarily beautiful young woman and I know from living in Bulgaria for 4.5 years, an extremely unusual find among the incredibly beautiful women of Bulgaria. Thank you for sharing your art craft and expertise as an artist, not just a photographer. Mnogo blagodaria.  Mike in New York

07.12.2016, 06:15

This are some good photographs here. I liked it. Thanks for posting.

18.11.2016, 21:48
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